Who Sang Big Big Butt, by Infectiphibian? Infectious Grooves

Infectious Grooves Sarsippius' Ark cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-2-9
Genre: Rock
Style: Funk Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 0:56


Mr. Sarsippius:

"Hahahaha, that's good, butt...
I mean "Butt", like the big butt that the ladies singing in the third row of the church choir "Be Heaven"
But, my new should be "slamatotious" on that, it's so slamming, it will send shivers up and down my spine
Marsha, we'll blow the jam outta your toe, make your boogles go sell for the winter
Ah, so you don't believe me, huh? Well I'm gonna play "Sprick", alright? Just a little teaser."

"That's right, and if you want more, you have to "Sprick" your ass down to the record store and buy it
Thank you very much."

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Turtle Wax (Funkaholics Anonymous)
  • 3 No Cover / 2 Drink Minimum
  • 4 Immigrant Song
  • 5 Caca De Kick
  • 6 Don't Stop, Spread the Jam!
  • 7 Three Headed Mind Pollution
  • 8 Slo-Motion Slam
  • 9 A Legend in His Own Mind (Ladies Love 'Sip)
  • 10 Infectious Grooves (live)
  • 11 These Freaks Are Here to Party
  • 12 The Man Behind the Man
  • 13 Fame
  • 14 Savor Da Flavor
  • 15 No Budget / Dust Off the 8-Track!
  • 16 Infectious Grooves
  • 17 You Pick Me Up (Just to Throw Me Down) "Therapy"
  • 18 Do the Sinister (live)
  • 19 Big Big Butt, by Infectiphibian
  • 20 Spreck