Maximum Formula Lyrics - Interface

Interface Angels in Disguise cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-6-15
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial/Synth-pop
length: 6:36

Maximum Formula
On this pinhead, there is a drug
It was created in a laboratory in California last year
It is 1000 times more powerful than heroin
This so called "designer drug" is effectively undetectable
This is the 21st Century
How are we going to guard against this?
Chemists today can make small molecular changes to any drug
That puts it beyond the definition of prohibitive law
This drug is not only undetectable, it is legal
If you ask me if we can win the war against drugs
Then I have to say I don't know
We can win battles, but at the moment, we're losing the war
We're not fighting a battle against criminals
Making money off other people's miseries
We are fighting a battle against
One the major crises of the 20th Century
In my opinion, THE major crisis!!
We cannot ultimately stop the supply
Of cocaine, heroin, or any other drug
We can only limit the demand for it
That will mean making a decent life for people
And producing a decent society
That people want to live in, not escape from
That, my friends, will not be easy
That is all I have to say
Monologue sampled from the English version of Traffic
"So what you're going to do is, inhale the smoke, and hold it. 'What is it, like freebase?' 'Not like, it is"
"Its a disease, an allergy of the body, an obsession of the mind"

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