Who Sang Drive? Intergalactic Lovers

Intergalactic Lovers Greetings & Salutations cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-3-18
length: 5:27
Tie your shoes
and put on your pants
I'll put on that dress you like
If you take me out to dance
Grab your keys
Grab your keys
and drive into me

Take me outside
Make me forget
Let me dance in circles
or get out of my head

I'm drunk
yet I let you drive
I love you even more
with you accomplished eyes
You, you take the lead
Drive yourself into me

Kiss me
Undress me
And take your fingers
And run them through hair
through my hair
Drive drive drive
into me
Drive yourself
into me
Drive your messed up self in me
Drive your wasted self in me

Drive, drive, drive
Into to me
Drive drive yourself
into to me

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