Oh, My Heart Lyrics - Iowa Super Soccer

Release information
Release Date: 2010-3-15
length: 3:14
You didn't know how to take me higher
You were so shy and undecided
But in your motion I saw a flame
A little bit of the desperate cry of me.
But now I'm tired, must take a breathe
And have a rest of your amazing lips
I wanna have just a part of you
Of your impression...
Do you really want me too?

Oh my heart is all in fire
Let's take a break to feel this desire
Your sunny eyes became so misty
I couldn't see this attractive flash
Don't throw my words out of your range
And stop lying that I am changing now
Maybe someday we'll call to spring
Which will give us only fresh feelings
We'll erase that day when we had troubles
Can you stop...
the trembling of my heart?
Oh my heart is all in fire
Let's do it right to feel this desire
You'll find my hand waiting for yours
Let's do it now to feel how we need it.

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