Who Sang Black Night? Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 4:16
My brain is tortured all day long
The phone, the screen, more unknowns
The boss is lost in senseless time
He says my worth
Is measured in kind
Job is over, it's time to run
Find that bud and have some fun
I'm lost in endless time
To save myself or live a lie

Black night, black night,
Black night...
She walked up to my door
Knocked on the window
And asked for more
The drugs really turned her on
But the AIDS tore me down

She tried to trade her best gift
I tried to fight but fell into the pit
Now I'm trapped within my mind
To help myself or go and die
Black night, black night,
Black night...

Late at night more chaos comes
I'm just too stupid and I won't run
Now my friends, try to hail
While I sit in hell and rot in jail

CD 1
  • 1 Choices
  • 2 The Liar
  • 3 Black Night
  • 4 Leaving Town
  • 5 Life After Death
  • 6 Life's Toll
  • 7 A Child's Future
  • 8 Vampires
  • 9 Time for Change
  • 10 Why Can't You See Me?