Who Sang Burn the Sky? Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 4:08
Break down the walls , which hide my destiny
Earthly prisons , and chains that bind the sea
t**an mountains , shattered dreams vast and far
Guard the only window , gateway to the stars
Elemental boundaries-Earth,Water,Wind,and fire
The eternal heavens , to which there is none higher
The surreal horizon , which Icarus tried to fly
Never to burn my wings , for I shall burn the sky...

Can you get the fire burning ?...Will you try?
Will you be a mindless soul , or will you burn the sky
Passion and possessions , are restrictions of the mind
What I am searching for , and what I leave behind
So we sit , and only take what's given
Never to dream beyond , or ask for what is hidden
Sweltering heat of roaring passion...grow with time
Will you cower at imminent end...or will you burn the sky
So many times we're told , that it can't be achieved
Forced-fed and brainwashed , to things we should believe
Chained with emotions , bound to a false reality
No vision of what lies beyond , a hazard fantasy
No passion to press onward , thriving for supremacy
Sparking life of creative minds , the key to immortality
Never shall I believe , restrictions other say
Smashing through these walls , and obstacles in my way
Cursing my soul , for ideas that passed me by
Grabbing the reigns of my dreams , It's time to burn the sky

*** Chorus
Feed the savage flames...or commit deicide
Will you become a God like me , and start to burn the sky

CD 1
  • 1 Burn the Sky
  • 2 Run From the Light
  • 3 Curse the Ages (Curse Me)
  • 4 Sodden With Sin
  • 5 Blind-Sighted Forward Spiral
  • 6 Days of Olde
  • 7 I Have Returned
  • 8 Gomorrah Gold
  • 9 Fallen Angel
  • 10 Among the Filth and Slime