Harvest of Earth Lyrics - Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 4:47
When the thousand years are over

He will come to life
Satan is released from his prison

To destroy this world

He will deceive all nations

Of all corners of earth

Then fire came down from heaven

He is the false one upon us
He will be destroyed again

They like to call him the devil

He will never win - No way -

There was a lake of burning sulphur
Where the beast had been

Then another book was opened

It was the book of life

The sea gave up the dead that were in it

Then each person was judged

Then the lake of fire had erupted

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CD 1
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  • 2 Unjust Reform
  • 3 The Gargoyle
  • 4 Harvest of Earth
  • 5 The Passage
  • 6 Iron Warrior
  • 7 Freedom Fighters
  • 8 Waiting for Tomorrow
  • 9 Time of Indecision
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