Who Sang Sodden With Sin? Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 4:38
Stay away from the 7 deadly

They'll surely lead you astray
Don't mind the fact that man commits them, each and every day

Why is every great indulgence

Considered evil taboos

Restricting all of man's pleasures, a souls redemption he shall loose


Endulging, never languishin'

Exploit emotions within

Bearing sinister grin

Straight narrow minds that follow

These strict rules to obey

Fearing God; cardinal virtues, the soul is the highest price to pay

Committing 7 deadly sins

Ordaining the heavenly virtues

d***ation awaits the masses, for the actions that we now choose

Pride in everything that you do

Envy others who have more than you

Greedy for earthly treasures, angry for not obtaining these pleasures

l*** the love that never gives back

Gluttonous soul, now turns to black

Man is sloth now accepting his fate, sodden with sin; it's too late


CD 1
  • 1 Burn the Sky
  • 2 Run From the Light
  • 3 Curse the Ages (Curse Me)
  • 4 Sodden With Sin
  • 5 Blind-Sighted Forward Spiral
  • 6 Days of Olde
  • 7 I Have Returned
  • 8 Gomorrah Gold
  • 9 Fallen Angel
  • 10 Among the Filth and Slime