Who Sang Time for Change? Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 4:39
Red rolls final place, where do we
End this chase
Hard times people lose, there are
Choices they can't choose
Man in power on the top form
Dreams and evil plots
I know it's time to move, get out
And use your tools
Change this now, you know how
Leaders fear, this is the year
So vote now, you know how
Vote now
40 years since the war, inner fighting
On house floor
President doesn't see, what the
People really need
A roof and food for all the crew
Come now raise your voice, there's
More than a few choices

Foot soldiers are here
To make it clear
Power to make change can really
Take place
So people vote now, you know how
So vote now

CD 1
  • 1 Choices
  • 2 The Liar
  • 3 Black Night
  • 4 Leaving Town
  • 5 Life After Death
  • 6 Life's Toll
  • 7 A Child's Future
  • 8 Vampires
  • 9 Time for Change
  • 10 Why Can't You See Me?