Waiting for Tomorrow Lyrics - Iron Man

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 6:25

When the sun sets, I close my eyes
Looking back at the time that was yesterday
In the moonlight, I come alive
I cannot sleep cause I know what lies ahead
I used to wonder about the future
Now I know what it has in store for me
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's not here
Where will we go, what do we know
The future's now, there's no turning back
Full speed ahead, listen to what I said
Show me the way to a place that I can stay
The dream is near, we'll show no fear
The world is turning, the clock is running down
There's not much time, what will we find
Waiting for tomorrow, a brand new day
Change will occur what we once were
Looking around what's to be found
We shall survive coming out alive
In this world of greed and lust
Who will succeed, who can we trust
Living on the edge, they must get by
Going all the way, there's no stopping now
Wheels of fire that burn in the night
Why they are there, I don't know why, Yeah
Waiting for tomorrow

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