War Hymn Lyrics - Ironsword

Ironsword Return of the Warrior cover art
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Release Date: 2004-9-1
length: 4:11
Battlehorns blow at dawn
Echoing through the hills
Frenzied warlords wield their swords
Chanting glorious hymns
Coming from the mountains
Brythunians at arms
Warcries fill the air
To the battlefield they ride
Fight... Kill... Die... Warhymn... Warhymn...

Scarlet dragon banners
Unfurled in the breeze
Knights in golden armour
March on to victory
Following codes of honour
Nemedians fear not death
Higher than a way of life
Learned from the past
Fight... Kill... Die... Warhymn... Warhymn...

So great is their fury
To no man they kneel
Under raining javelins
And the clash of blades and shields
The glittering of steel
Fire, blood and gore
Make ancestors proud
Through the fulgor of war
Fight... Kill... Die... Warhymn... Warhymn...

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