Who Sang 117º? Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin 117º cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:11
producer: Izzy Stradlin
lead vocals: Izzy Stradlin
mixer: Eddie Ashworth and Izzy Stradlin
engineer: Micajah Ryan
additional producer: Eddie Ashworth
background vocals: Rick Richards and Patrick "Taz" Bentley
guitar: Izzy Stradlin and Rick Richards
drums (drum set): Patrick "Taz" Bentley
bass guitar: Izzy Stradlin
composer: Izzy Stradlin
lyricist: Izzy Stradlin

West bound ride through Texas
The sun here really burns
Open up and try and beat the heat
It still don't do much good
Kick back and endure it, a 100 miles ta go
Take a break, get some shade
Before we start up again

117 degrees, 117
117, so I'm told
I don't know

Sun's going down here to an orange sky out west
Got an open road, not a car in sight, I'm hammerin' down the rest

I been thinkin' bout the weather
It's been pretty good this trip
Outran a thunderstorm
2 days ago, I did not expect this...

117 degrees, 117
117 so I'm told
I don't know

117 degrees, 117

CD 1
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  • 2 Gotta Say
  • 3 Memphis
  • 4 Old Hat
  • 5 Bleedin
  • 6 Parasite
  • 7 Good Enough
  • 8 117º
  • 9 Here Before You
  • 10 Up Jumped the Devil
  • 11 Grunt
  • 12 Freight Train
  • 13 Methanol
  • 14 Surf Roach