Who Sang Freight Train? Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin 117º cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:26
producer: Eddie Ashworth and Izzy Stradlin
lead vocals: Izzy Stradlin
mixer: Izzy Stradlin and Eddie Ashworth
engineer: Eddie Ashworth
background vocals: Rick Richards
guitar: Rick Richards and Izzy Stradlin
drums (drum set): Patrick "Taz" Bentley
bass guitar: Duff McKagan
composer: Izzy Stradlin
lyricist: Izzy Stradlin
I heard a freight train back on the rail again
I heard a whistle blowin off in the distance
It's hot as hell here, the heat's been growin
It's hot as hell dear, oh well you know it
She's comin offa the rail throwin gravel
in a hell of a wave

I heard a freight train-been haulin hemp again
Yeah smokin on the rails,
yeah I need a head check
It's hot as hell here, feels like it's glowin
It's hot as hell dear, yeah now I'm goin
She comin offa da rail
Throwin gravel in a hell of a wave
Conductor he don't know,
radio the engineer to brake

Here come a freight train haulin the gold away
Another money car yeah in a big way
It's hot as hell here, I can't feel nothin
It's hot as hell dear, well ain't that somethin

She comin over the hill
She comin offa the rail and goin up

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