Who Sang Methanol? Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin 117º cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:27
producer: Izzy Stradlin
lead vocals: Izzy Stradlin
mixer: Izzy Stradlin and Eddie Ashworth
engineer: Micajah Ryan
additional producer: Eddie Ashworth
guitar: Rick Richards and Izzy Stradlin
drums (drum set): Patrick "Taz" Bentley
bass guitar: Duff McKagan
writer: Izzy Stradlin, Rick Richards
Check your points ignition timing countdown pressure
thirty-four pounds when it's cold
Add more and torque it to its max select
your drive position light a cigarette
and put the lights on bright and then go


Fill with gas and let me check your oil and wipe your
window shield top off your water's
Boilin grab a drink ta go empty out your ashtray
and hang your loaded dice up
on your rearview mirror and then go


Yeah I got about another lap I'm gonna get him
he's leanin over gonna hit the wall a spinnin
he's rollin over into the corner I'm smellin smoke
I think he's burnin up his motor I pass him up
cause I drove a little smoother

CD 1
  • 1 Ain't It a Bitch
  • 2 Gotta Say
  • 3 Memphis
  • 4 Old Hat
  • 5 Bleedin
  • 6 Parasite
  • 7 Good Enough
  • 8 117º
  • 9 Here Before You
  • 10 Up Jumped the Devil
  • 11 Grunt
  • 12 Freight Train
  • 13 Methanol
  • 14 Surf Roach