Who Sang So in Love? J. Stalin

J. Stalin The Annulment cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-2-2
length: 4:49
Strange dear, but true, dear
When I'm close to you, dear
The stars fill the sky
So in love with you am I

Even without you
My arms fold about you
You know, darling, why
So in love with you am I

In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there
In love with my joy delirious
When I knew that you could care

So taunt me and hurt me
Deceive me, desert me
I'm yours 'til I die
So in love
So in love
So in love with you, my love, am I

CD 1
  • 1 So in Love
  • 2 Livewire Party
  • 3 Panties Drop
  • 4 Change
  • 5 Ants in Her Pants
  • 6 Back in Time
  • 7 Close Friends
  • 8 I Know I Ain't Perfect
  • 9 Choose Me
  • 10 Square Sh*t
  • 11 On Like S**t
  • 12 Never Hustle Enough