In My Zone Lyrics - J. Stone feat. Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle 25 / 8 No Breaks cover art
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Release Date: 2014-12-31
length: 3:21

[Hook: J.Stone x2]
Yeah I'm in my zone, Yeah I'm in my zone
Trying to see a million, before a nigga dead and gone
Yeah I'm in my zone, Yeah I'm finally home
Trying to see my junior before a nigga dead and gone

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Nigga I'm a beast, fuckin wild animal
Look at how I eat, all off this savage flo
60St minus the traumatics bro You can ask fee
This ain't where the average grow, nigga die early Survivors go crazy
Nigga pull burners if you ever violate me
Pistol off safety, let em' all hate me
Did it on my own, and ain't a muthafucka make me
Kill me if you will, but if not I'ma ball cuz
I don't give a fucc about who ever think I'm wrong cuz
I use to catch the bus, just to get my songs done
Staple posters up just to make my songs buzz
Niggas ain't like us Niggas can't stop it
ALL MONEY IN nigga, absolute profit
Tell em all watch it, Tell em all watch it
If they say I'm out my zone I tell them niggas all Stop it cus

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: J. Stone]
Nigga welcome to the streets, this ain't the land of milk and honey
We produce beef this the land where you get milked for money
So I kept a heat, shoe boxes it was filled with money
I was seventeen, and nan nigga took it from me
Look homie, gun in my hand Nigga run or get ran
But it's best to stand and fight, cause if you run you gone get ran
Ever fought some of yo homies? Ever socked one of yo friends?
Ever robbed by yo brodie? Ever got sent to the pin? Nigga Yeah
Either you was with it, or you witnessed it
But that's life most die being witnesses
Cause you can get acquitted with no witness
But I'd rather see a million watch my young niggas witness this
I got plans to start brands and own businesses
I'm in my zone, fresh home from the penitent
Nigga respect my penmanship
I'm Infinite Stone, and if he doubt I'm out my zone I tell em

[Hook x2]

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