Who Sang I Don't Want to Miss Mississippi? Jack Teagarden

Jack Teagarden  cover art
Release information
length: 4:18
piano: Don Ewell
double bass: Stan Puls
drums (drum set): Barrett Deems
trumpet: Don Goldie
vocal: Jack Teagarden
trombone: Jack Teagarden
clarinet: Henry Cuesta
So this is love, this is what it feels like
To need someone more than life
I never knew it could be this passionate, so intense
I've got so much to lose, I can't even think about it

I don't want to experience how it would feel
To live one second without you here
Left without your kisses wanting more
Not to hear your heartbeat, like before
What would I do, where would I go
If you were gone and I had to move on
I don't want to know
I don't want to know
I don't want to know

I had a dream someone up above us
Called your name in the name of love
And I cried as heaven took you on angel's wings
I woke up and screamed
"God in heaven above, don't take her from me"


And when we touch let's make love like it was our first and last time
And when we part cross, your heart and swear on love it's not goodbye