Who Sang Entitlement? Jack White

Jack White Lazaretto cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-6-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Blues Rock/Country Rock
length: 4:07
producer: Jack White
piano: Isaiah “Ikey” Owens
lead vocals: Jack White
double bass: Dominic Davis
mixer: Jack White and Joshua Smith
recording engineer: Joshua Smith
background vocals: Cory Younts
acoustic guitar: Jack White
mandolin: Cory Younts
harp: Timbre Cierpke
drums (drum set): Ben Blackwell
assistant recording engineer: Mindy Watts
pedal steel guitar: Fats Kaplin
composer: Jack White
lyricist: Jack White
[Verse 1]
Every time I'm doing what I want to
Somebody comes and tells me it's wrong
Whenever I'm doing just as I please
Somebody cuts me down to my knees
Yeah, somebody cuts me down to my knees

In a time when everybody feels entitled
Why can't I feel entitled too?
Somebody took away my god given right
I guess God must have gave it to you
Yeah, I guess God must have slipped it to you

Stop what you're doing and get back in line
I hear this from people all the time
If we can't be happy then you can't be too
I'm tired of being told what to do
Yeah, I'm sick of being told what to do

[Verse 2]
There are children today who were lied to
Told the world is rightfully there's
They can have what they want, whenever they want
They take like Caesar and nobody cares
Live like Caesar and nobody cares

I can't bring myself to take without penance
Or atonements or respect from my brow[?]
Though the world may be spoiled and getting worse every day
Don't they feel like they're cheated somehow
I feel like I've been cheated somehow


[Verse 3]
I guess nobody on earth is entitled
Not mothers, not children, not kings
Not a one single person on God's golden shore
Is entitled to one single thing
We don't deserve a single d___ thing

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