Who Sang Freedom at 21? Jack White

Jack White Blunderbuss cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-4-23
Genre: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Country Rock
length: 2:52
producer: Jack White
membranophone: Carla Azar
vocal: Jack White
mixer: Jack White and Vance Powell
electric guitar: Olivia Jean
recording engineer: Vance Powell
assistant mixer: Joshua Smith and Mindy Watts
assistant recording engineer: Mindy Watts and Joshua Smith
solo electric guitar: Jack White
double bass: Bryn Davies
composer: Jack White
lyricist: Jack White
Cut off the bottoms of my feet
Make me walk on salt
Take me down to the police
Charge me with a__ault
A smile on her face
She does what she wants to me

(That's right)
She don't care what kind of wounds she's inflicted on me
She don't care what color bruises that she's leavin' on me
'Cuz she's got freedom in the 21st century

Two black gashes in her hands
All she thinks about
No responsibility no guilt or morals
Cloud of judgement
Smile on her face
She does what she d___ well please

And she don't care about the things people used to do
She don't care that what she does has an effect on you
She's got freedom in the 21st century

(Aye aye aye)
Cut off the bottoms of my feet
(Cut off the bottoms of my feet)
Make me walk on salt
(Make me walk on salt)
Take me to the police
(Take me to the police)

CD 1
  • 1 Missing Pieces
  • 2 Sixteen Saltines
  • 3 Freedom at 21
  • 4 Love Interruption
  • 5 Blunderbuss
  • 6 Hypocritical Kiss
  • 7 Weep Themselves to Sleep
  • 8 I’m Shakin’
  • 9 Trash Tongue Talker
  • 10 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
  • 11 I Guess I Should Go to Sleep
  • 12 On and On and On
  • 13 Take Me With You When You Go