Who Sang Take Me With You When You Go? Jack White

Jack White Blunderbuss cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-4-23
Genre: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Country Rock
length: 4:11
producer: Jack White
membranophone: Carla Azar
piano: Jack White
vocal: Jack White
mixer: Vance Powell and Jack White
electric guitar: Olivia Jean
recording engineer: Vance Powell
Rhodes piano: Brooke Waggoner
background vocals: Laura Matula, Ruby Amanfu and Karen Elson
fiddle: Lillie Mae Rische and Fats Kaplin
assistant mixer: Joshua Smith
assistant recording engineer: Joshua Smith
solo electric guitar: Jack White
double bass: Bryn Davies
composer: Jack White
lyricist: Jack White
Take me with you when you go, girl
Take me anywhere you go
I've got nothin' here but me, babe
Take me with you when you go

[Verse 1 x2]
I got a feelin' my minds in the sky
And I can't catch a breath
Or a break like a guy who's stranglin' babe
For help, not attention
And then, not to mention, the dame that was mine
And I thought and I know
And that what's goin' on in my eyes
And my hands could be robbin' without any knowledge
I know that helpin' yourself could be hurtin' or harmin' someone


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