Who Sang Death by Red Lights? Jackdevil

Jackdevil Evil Strikes Again cover art
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length: 3:34
My black fire's burning bright
I'm a virus running in the dark
Moths to flames, I'm luring you
Ever a shadow in the corner of your room
Your end has to come
You sent me straight to hell
By his hand you're done
When he played in that old black bell
Death by red lights
Taste the hate, death by red lights

Barren waste of dusty tears
Confirm one's worst fears
I see you crawling on the floor
Agony and pain knock at the door
Sneaking down the hallway
Celebrate the glory of carnage
Look at me as I look at you
The blood runs down the moon
He who walks alone
Hunts his prey killing one by one

Hope turns to ashes
When I say that the end has come for you

Endless nightmares, evil sickness!
Unchained energy, soul of lbackness!
Breathing deeply, hungry eyes!
Death by red lights!

CD 1
  • 1 Abaddon
  • 2 Evil Strikes Again
  • 3 Devil Awaits
  • 4 Satan's Rite
  • 5 Nightcrawler
  • 6 Bestial Warlust
  • 7 Beelzebub
  • 8 The Reaper
  • 9 Death by Red Lights
  • 10 Black Witch
  • 11 Canga├žo