Who Sang Devil Awaits? Jackdevil

Jackdevil Evil Strikes Again cover art
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length: 3:27
The prince of the dammned will
Torment your soul
Torture and violence is your demise
People are running afraid of corruption
Among all the death you hear
Satan's laugh
The fields of slaughter will burn by
Lucifer's hand
The march of disgrace, fear in your face
Join his army in the cleft of despair
Devil awaits! your sentence will come
Satanic fate! for your soul is gone
Where devil rides!
He who is marked by the beats
You can't escape from his reach
Devil awaits!

The scourge of Satan will spread
Through the earth
He'll show no mercy during his attack
The hellish season of reaping begins
Burning with hate!
The devil awaits!
Sealing your fate in hell!
The devil awaits

CD 1
  • 1 Abaddon
  • 2 Evil Strikes Again
  • 3 Devil Awaits
  • 4 Satan's Rite
  • 5 Nightcrawler
  • 6 Bestial Warlust
  • 7 Beelzebub
  • 8 The Reaper
  • 9 Death by Red Lights
  • 10 Black Witch
  • 11 Canga├žo

  • Release information
    label: Urubuz Records
    format: CD