Who Sang Evil Strikes Again? Jackdevil

Jackdevil Evil Strikes Again cover art
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length: 3:35
Imortality unleashing the disease
Ruin and havoc arise
Murder! possesed by insanity, fiendish
Intentions of spite
I am the bringer of pain
Wicked eyes of perversity, wanton
Destruction and bane
Creully laughing as you wither and die
Strikes tonight

Your hell is here
Coming back from the grave
Evil strikes again!
Your hell is here
Now you're dying
Evil strikes again!
Nefarious nemesis of life, there is
No time to prepare
Depraved harbinger of misery, pleasure in
Spreading despair
Even death fears my name
Affliction! festering corruption
Returning to bring your end
Evil! raises its knife
Evil! your effort is in vain
Evil! strikes again
Evil strikes again!

CD 1
  • 1 Abaddon
  • 2 Evil Strikes Again
  • 3 Devil Awaits
  • 4 Satan's Rite
  • 5 Nightcrawler
  • 6 Bestial Warlust
  • 7 Beelzebub
  • 8 The Reaper
  • 9 Death by Red Lights
  • 10 Black Witch
  • 11 Canga├žo

  • Release information
    label: Urubuz Records
    format: CD