Who Sang Satan's Rite? Jackdevil

Jackdevil Evil Strikes Again cover art
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length: 3:30
We are now fighting tonight
The final command
Born in a rite, plague in the air
Can you understand?
Corpses arise, hungering for flesh
They attack!
Candles and skulls
Satan is coming back
The future is death!

Fire! the summoning rite
Curse! we banish the light
For your soul! you are in my control!
Satan's rite!
Earth is on fire! sinner's desire!
Blood in his hand
Demons awake burning with hate
The army will stand!
Fire! blood! death!
Rite! hatred! wretch!

The charred remains of their
Bodies are signs of the rite
The hooded figure is leading them
To satan's bite

Satan's rite
This is satan's rite!

CD 1
  • 1 Abaddon
  • 2 Evil Strikes Again
  • 3 Devil Awaits
  • 4 Satan's Rite
  • 5 Nightcrawler
  • 6 Bestial Warlust
  • 7 Beelzebub
  • 8 The Reaper
  • 9 Death by Red Lights
  • 10 Black Witch
  • 11 Canga├žo