Who Sang I Wanna Roo You? Jackie DeShannon

Jackie DeShannon Jackie cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1972
remixer: Tom Dowd
producer: Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin and Tom Dowd
vocal: Jackie DeShannon
bass: Mike Leech
organ: Bobby Emmons
acoustic guitar: Jackie DeShannon
woodwind arranger: Arif Mardin
guitar: Johnny Christopher and Reggie Young
steelpan: BWIA Sunjets Steel Orchestra Of Trinidad
string quartet arranger: Arif Mardin
percussion: Bishop Heywood
piano: Bobby Wood
Twenty-third of December
Covered in snow
You in the kitchen
With the lights way down low
I'm in the parlor playing my old guitar
Speaking to you, darling, to find out how you are

I want to roo you, want to get through to you
I want to woo you, woo you tonight
I want to roo you, want to get through to you
I want to woo you, woo you tonight

Come to me softly
Come to me quiet
Know what I'm after
I'm gonna try it
Snowstorm's on the way and we'll be stranded for a week
Come over to the window, look outside take a peek


You know I am lonely
And in need of your company
Oh, let your love light shine on down on me

And we can just sit here
Look at the fire
Watch the flames leaping higher and higher
Tea on the stove food in the pan
Ain't going nowhere and we don't have many plans


And you know I am lonely
I been in need of your company
Let your love shine on down on me


Woo you tonight, pretty baby
Woo you tonight, little darling
Woo you tonight, alright
Woo you tonight

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