Who Sang The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ? Jackie Leven

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Release Date: 2001
length: 6:20

They say that god is in the detail
And I'm shire that's true
I run my thumb across egyptian stone
And the images come through
I see the bird, I see the dog
I feel the weather deep inside my shoes
I see the light upon my hand
As I receive uncertain news
Suddenly I realize I'm living the lie
My father planned for me
With the sun bearing on my back
I see I am the lonely man of Galilee

And if I ride my way across the shattered stones
Will I ever see the bleaching of the bones
Of the boy I used to be when I still sang
Before I lived in fear of dying on my own
I cannot die alone

And I miss my baby
I miss him all through the night
They're gonna kill my baby
And stars are shining bright

I enter certain distant lands
And see young woman dying inside
They hold young children by the hand
But luck is not upon their side
Cold shards of space rip through their clothes

And pierce the heart that bears the pain
In grief and bandages they walk a thousand miles
Of driving rain
If a woman should bathe my feet
Because she loves me and I'n not even there
What does that say about the emptiness I feel
Or the power of prayer?
All kinds of power circle me
I raise my arms and the world goes boom
But I see no me in woman's eyes
I suffer like a child in an empty room

On a ship the sailors are all smiles
But there is nothing in their eyes
In fact their eyes are dead
But the horror is that love is their disguise
They turn to laugh among themselves
And I live in terror of this sound
Their words and cadence do not match

CD 1
  • 1 My Spanish Dad
  • 2 Exit Wound
  • 3 The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ
  • 4 Hidden World of She
  • 5 Billy Ate My Pocket
  • 6 Rainy Day Bergen Women
  • 7 Friendship Between Men & Women
  • 8 Stopped By Woods On a Snowy Evening
  • 9 Washing By Hand
  • 10 Wrapped Up In Blue

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    label: Cooking Vinyl
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 711297461329
    script: Latin