Who Sang Iron John? Jackopierce

Release information
Release Date: 1994-4-19
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:21

Days in the city tied to the iron trade begin before dawn
Silent-faced beneath the hard hats and work-boots
Pounding on the cobblestone
As the long whistle sounds and the shifts begin to change

And the three rivers form a point of reference
For generations of Irish hearts
Iron hands all by the back fence
From the heights of Washington, Mary stands sentinel to the city

Iron John swirls beer 'round the bottom of a tall glass
Iron John's got a story

And the nights on Oneida in the summertime
They flicker quick light like the fireflies
I chased down the cobblestone hills into the lights of Olympia
To watch them fade in my hand though I tried hard to save them


From the far away posting I'd watch the lights
Swinging out on the helipads
And dream of the lights from the nights I spent
In my American city
From his hands now he's trying harder and harder
To build the things that I will remember
And they don't fade away--not like fireflies
Those nights on Oneida in the summertime
Never Iron John
I carry them everyday

And I know the man who blessed me into this world
And I'd like him to marry me to my girl
In the big house on Oneida in the summertime

CD 1
  • 1 Late Shift
  • 2 Forces
  • 3 Weather
  • 4 Along for the Ride
  • 5 Iron John
  • 6 Jacob
  • 7 Anderson’s Luck
  • 8 Free
  • 9 Capable Girl
  • 10 Witch in the Old Man
  • 11 Be Your Man
  • 12 Get to Know Me Better