Who Sang Killin Me? Jackopierce

Release information
Release Date: 2012-8-28
length: 4:13

If you needed me
As much as I love you now
You’d take my hand
This room is black at night
You’re the only light
I count shining there

If it all came down tonight
Baby we’d kick out all the lights
And take the road
I’ll still get you home someway

You give me love
That I can’t give back
You give me more
Than all the promise that I ever had
You give me hope
That sweeter days are what we might see
This girl’s killin me
This girl’s killin me
If ever you needed me
As much as I want your love
You’d tell me now
This world breaks good things sometimes
And you’re the only line
I got holding me here



Every time I tried to find a way to get back over
I never understood the way you made this look so easy
I tried to find a way to take it back and you showed me just where you were
This girl’s killin me

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