Who Sang Let Go of Me? Jackopierce

Release information
Release Date: 2012-8-28
length: 3:35

Something’s died, something’s gone
We’re here together but we’re living here alone
How long can this go on?
I let you down
You’re letting go
We somehow found ourselves in the middle of the road
We got hit head on

Love has no guarantees
With the joy comes the pain
I hope someday you’ll see
No – I’m letting you let go of me
Let go of me
Remember how it used to be?
I used to stare at you staring back at me
Something went wrong
I won’t give up
I won’t back down
I’m on my knees picking pieces off the ground
We’re gonna come back around

[Chorus x3]
No no no
Let go of me
Let go of me

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