Who Sang Angel Dust? Jackson Jackson

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-20
length: 4:21

Give me a pocketful of change or I'll shoot you dead
Well i'm sorry but I have nothing to spare
I only brought three dollars thirty for the train fare
10 cents change and I threw it in the air

An angel snatched it up out of the breeze
It was Gibriel, the real deal, the burner of the fleas, he said
Even angels have to beg for their supper now
The end of the world is cancelled, Jesus gone to the Bahammas with Mohammed
They're gonna try and sort some shit out
Prophet to prophet, leave the common people out

'cause the common people bleed, and the common people burn
For another man's war and another man's word

I know that the world has always been absurd
But I never thought I'd see the day, angels out of work

-oh, sorry man my phone's ringing stop the track

Hey Jule

*hey man I'm in communication with those guys downstairs
They're about ready to come up and rock this motherfucker*

Sorry I'm recording I'll call you right back

Every time I cry, rain falls from the sky
And I know there's gonna be another war on high
'cause the Devil and the Lord fight with the same sword
And the burnin battleground is in my mind

I saw my future out the window of a plane
In the darkness, two hours out from LA
Starlight, cloud light, seat belt light waves
And the people slept like sleeping beauty babies

Maybe one day we will all evolve to light waves
I have to say, sometimes, I feel like that on bright days
And all our predictions could be postcards to God
And all our premonitions could be lost in the fog

The one thing I can swear by, whereby

CD 1
  • 1 A Hole in the Garden
  • 2 The International Society of Bad Dancers
  • 3 Cats Rats and Pigeons
  • 4 Eliza
  • 5 Angel Dust
  • 6 The Flicker and the Spark
  • 7 Grab a Gun
  • 8 Intelligent Evolved and Insane
  • 9 Down to the River
  • 10 The Fire is on the Bird
  • 11 Waxed World
  • 12 The Future is the Past
  • 13 [silence]
  • 14 The Lonely Ooh

  • Release information
    label: EMI Music Australia
    country(area): Australia
    format: CD
    barcode: 094638786429
    script: Latin