Who Sang Cats Rats and Pigeons? Jackson Jackson

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-20
length: 4:02
I tell you this, I tell you this man
I don't know what's gonna happen
But I wanna get my kicks before the whole s***house goes up in flames
The fire is on the bird
Welcome all races, nationalities, cultures, religions, aliens, cats, rats and pigeons
Let's make a fortune, make some smoke
We got to get our kicks before we go
I heard that there's a storm rolling in from the bay
I hope that it washes this bad mood away
I gotta get out of bed before the end of the day
�cause there's a storm a coming, a big f****** change

Look at the girl with 4 phones in her pocket
Look at the man helping you to see God
Secretaries on a train in s**etary stockings
I look at those stockings man I think I see God

Daisies still kicking through the cracks of the pavement
b**s still kicking in the cracks of the pavement
Towers get higher, jobs get cheaper
Highways get wider, love gets deeper
I met my love by the gas works croft
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
I kissed my girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town, dirty old town

I'm a young man in a town full of old men
Own the whole world till I don't know when
I'm an old man in a land full of young men
Who want to be old men so they can make cash

I'm a young man in a dirty old town
Full of dirty old men with their dirty old heads
So you never grow old but you can't be young
Unless you fight for the things that have never been done
In this time, in this town, in this street, in this city
This is now our time when the lives get pretty
But the town s**** and burns and quivers in the night
Tomorrow is as dirty as is clear tonight

So let's raise a glass, let's raise a cheer
Because tomorrow this town might not be here
And it's a dirty old world full of dirty old men
And we're young and the future burns in our hands

I'm gonna make me a good sharp axe
Shining steel tempered in the fire
We'll chop you down like an old dead tree
Dirty old town, dirty old town

CD 1
  • 1 A Hole in the Garden
  • 2 The International Society of Bad Dancers
  • 3 Cats Rats and Pigeons
  • 4 Eliza
  • 5 Angel Dust
  • 6 The Flicker and the Spark
  • 7 Grab a Gun
  • 8 Intelligent Evolved and Insane
  • 9 Down to the River
  • 10 The Fire is on the Bird
  • 11 Waxed World
  • 12 The Future is the Past
  • 13 [silence]
  • 14 The Lonely Ooh