Who Sang Vincent and Theo? Jacob Borshard

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 3:29

Vincent and Theo
Souped up my Geo
Now it's burning oils
All the Cobalt blue
Blew the gaskets
I traded an arm for a Bedroom in Arles
At least I still got my ears
But now I can't sit still
For the Absinthe

And you always swore that I'd be the one to make it
Then how come I could never get you to pose, for me naked?

I haven't gone too far
There's a room
There's quiet
And the doctors, tell me it's good for my health
I haven't gone too far
There's paint
There are flowers
And the doctors, promise me I can get well
I've got the fields, and the clouds
And my Geo

I'm goin' away
I'm fadin' away
I'm fadin' away, away

Vincent and Theo
Souped up my Geo
Now it's burnin' oils
Now I don't know which way
To go
I got drunk on beer
And then went to see her
Now I hang my head
Now I'm sanding notches
Off the bedpost

And you always swore . .

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