Who Sang Spinning Leaf? Jacobs Dream

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Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
slave to time as I look back on my life
A path that can lead to insanity
All the years that I leave behind me
All means nothing at the front of the gate

I look to the sky
I raise my head
Pondering the valor of the dead
The meaning of life? Who holds the key?
Can I fathoms things I cannot see?
Born into sorrow, who am I?
Lost in the silence of the mystery
So many questions
How can I see to unlock the paradox?

Life is like a spinning leaf
Rise and fall with our valor and grief
Life is like a spinning leaf
Your world can be broken so easily

I question the lies that I've been taught
Can't hold onto this frail life I once sought
The journey begins I'm searching for light
The evidence of truth to give me sight

Reborn in fire
Flesh mortified
Bringing death to the agony
This life is now but we must look to eternity

(Repeat Chorus)

Enslaved by my flesh as I search for the truth within myself
To see the things that I cannot see
I pray for your wisdom and your guidance because I need your knowledge to see
I give you my life the one who made me
I hold you to my soul

(Repeat Chorus)

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    script: Latin