Who Sang Tempest? Jacobs Dream

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Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
She calls to me
Lifts me from my sleep
To come and see

Steal away the stars
From the sky
This tempest turns me and I don't know why

Empty promises and compromise
Conspiring now to fill
My head with lies

Clear the clouds from my mind
Take me away to
Where you reside

Through the veil
I see a mystery
Carnival of fools
Before their kings

She beckons me
Wakes me with a scream
To come and see

Where, art thee?
Don't hide from me!"

"God is not there;
He cannot hear you!
Don't waste your time,
He never speaks!
You've lost your sight;
You have no vision.
Don't be a fool!
I own your dreams..."

Lying drained too
Tired for sleep
Father take
My soul to keep

"Where is your God?
What are you thinking?
Call to him louder;
Perhaps he's asleep
Maybe he's laughing...
You're such a fool!
It's been quite awhile;
Leave him in peace..."

Where's the voice of peace
That comforts me
Touch me with your fire and heal me

Racing thoughts
That seem to chase the wind
On an isle of doubts
I'm waiting

Why have you forsaken me?
"Hear me now!",
I'm pleading

"God is not there;
He cannot hear you!
Don't waste your time,
He never speaks!
Your God has left you!
Your cries sicken me!
Where is your pride?
Get off your knees..."

"Here I stand
In the midst of your pain
I still the storm and trials within."

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