Show Discipline Lyrics - Jadakiss feat. Nas

Nas Kiss tha Game Goodbye cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 3:40
performer: Nas
Yo, yo, yo, yo, hey, yo
Never will it stop
Hang guns with double digit shots
I move work on other *****s blocks
Leave out the club wit a another *****s watch
Body that man and let other *****s watch
Only thing worse than a coward, is a coward with power
Gotta kill him in the shower, hour
Beats is knocking, hooks is rare
Earned my spot, nobody ain't put me here
Burnt my block, I had a fiend cooking with beer
Like the Bobby Wilmack of crack
Might see me in the Burgundy thing, or the black on black
Matter of fact, go get ya chrome
Cause I rather be, broke together than rich alone
Clapping em' down, backing em' down (uh)
**** what ever happened before, I'm what's happening now

[Chorus: Nas (Jada)]
Now gangstas live, gangstas die
Grab ya guns, soldiers ride (show discipline *****!)
Kill ya moms, kill ya pops, kill ya seed
Kill ya girl (Its principle *****!)
Sell ya crack, sell ya coke
Sell ya E, sell ya smoke (you hustling *****!)
Grab ya nine, grab ya pound
Grab ya tec, grab ya pump (you busting at *****s!, what)

We brave hearted, I had *****es trying to poison me
*****s who kilt loyalty
Set me up, vested up my move accordingly
I ducked icepicks and ice sticks by cops who rookies
Hard to be righteous, and when life can just stop for *****
*****s killing over hoes, guns concealed in their clothes
Bodies at funerals, touch them they feel like they froze
Speech, totally calm, holding dead rappers ? in my palm
Burning flag, plus its on the qu'ran, its on the bible
Plus America cause that every car that's driving
Holding the ? you focus you know its Nas then,
Prince of the globe, leave no prince of the toast
Played with Ouija boards, burned frankenchise with a ghost
I've learned, to do good plus a waste of evil
And do what it takes to keep a smile on the face of my people
I was raised by the apes in this dark creep show, but yo


yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Think bout when I splatter ya mask(yea)
My *****s is happy, ya momma is sad
If ya *****s is riders, the drama will last
If ya *****s is snitch, been judging my ***
They said I'm too famous to run
So when I empty out this clip, I'm changing the gun
The realer the beef, the longer the clip
Murder ya mans, I'm gone in the mist
Call this girl after dark so we talked the *****
We ain't care cause the whore wasn't ****
Doll, I ain't taking the L or wasting a shell
I bring the heat like I'm Satan itself
**** if you hard, **** if you soft, long as you lost
**** in the dirt, **** in ya drawers
Ill make ya grandmother get on the floor
Tie you up, then beat you to a pulp, say that this is a war
If in the four, mackign a pump, acting I dump
Throw you out the window then act like you jump

[Chorus: 2xx2]

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