Who Sang Cruisin'? Jadakiss feat. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Kiss tha Game Goodbye cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 3:56
performer: Snoop Dogg
"I wanna"
"I wanna"

Cruisin baby (c'mon)
(Cruise with me, cruise with me)
Come ride with me (ride with me)
(Ride, ride)
Cruisin baby, come smoke with me
(smoke with me)
Cruisin baby (c'mon)
Roll down these streets (bounce)
[Snoop] Bounce (yeah)

Yo, yo
"I wanna" take a trip to the Beverly Center
and scoop a mean model broad up dawg and get head in the renter
Gotta take her home, clean her up before I can finish
Cause ain't no ***** worth gettin burnt while I'm up in it
Then I made her roll up while I was runnin a bath
And she said she do X, I gave her one and a half
Let her get her roll on and made her jump in the bath
I left her standin there sayin.. haha
"I wanna.." come through in the orange M5
And I got them things in the trunk and they goin for ten-five
It could and it will get ugly, but so what?
No matter how it go down, the hood'll still love me
Never cut broads, I let everybody hit 'em
My bullets is like chicken pox, everybody get 'em
You know Ja' blow pud-dy, lookin for somethin to slay
Mixin the 'gnac with Ocean Spray, c'mon

"I wanna"
Cruisin baby, come ride with me
(Ride with me, ride with me, ride with me)
Cruisin baby, come smoke with me
(Smoke with me, smoke with me, smoke with me)
Cruisin baby, roll down these streets
(Roll with me, roll with me, roll with me)
With me

[Snoop Dogg]
"I wanna" bust a ***** upside her **********ing head
for talkin **** to a pimp
Limp on 'em, flip on 'em, dip on 'em
Crip on 'em, and put this **********ing **** on 'em
This sorta fish called a ***** ought to hush up
Rolled a fat blunt and smoked this **********ing dope up
Cause you know what? (What up?)
**** a ***** know you're so tough, but ***** I want to go ****
"I wanna" take you upstairs, and do dat dere
Hell **********ing yeah
See I'm a real player and I won't waste your time
I've been a starter, I ain't never sat the ****in pine
Stay on the front line, it's all by de-sign
***** done the crizzime, ain't never dropped a dizzime
Everything is fizzine, rollin up a dizzime
D-O-double-G I got *****es waitin in lizzine


Uh-huh, yeah, yeah,
"I wanna" do the club thing like in and out in an hour
And then I'm back home banging shorty out in the shower
Check it I'm chasing the Henny with Coronas
She got in her mind that, she gon' get some Fendi if I bone her
(eh-eh) Backshot was murder from the rear
And she gave me mean top, while I blew the purple in her hair
Oh yeah, after I nutted I was a goner
And still got honey thinkin that
"I wanna.." automatic start on the Aston Martin
Can't beat 'Kiss cause you ain't got half the heart an'
get you hit on the inside for half a carton
Couple of suits - dawg, we ****in with loot
I got enough dough to chill in court
But I know dudes with twenty-five in and they still ain't short
But never mind that, we can't lose
Pour another drink, roll another dutch up
We gon' cruise, let's go

"I wanna"
Cruisin baby, come ride with me
(Yeah, cruise, cruise.. gangsta, gangsta)
Cruisin baby, come smoke with me
(Yea yea, yea yea, yea yea, gangsta, gangsta)
Cruisin baby, roll down these streets
(Cruise, lay low, hold it down y'all)
with me
(Hold it hold it hold it down, hold it down y'all)
"I wanna"
(Yea yea, hold it down)

"I wanna"

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