Who Sang You Make Me Weak? Jade MacRae

Release information
Release Date: 2005-9-19
length: 3:57
Ohh baby baby baby baby baby

What makes you think you can walk right into my life
Don't even know your name but now you call me nearly every night
What makes you think you the one whos got the right
To take my heart away with just one look in my eyes
You got me
Will you call again
Or will it end

I think you
You got nerve
Think you deserve a lil hurt

You got me
Questioning where you been
Will you be my friend

I know your not the one for me
But baby cant you see
(boy you make me weak)
you make me weak and I cant stand it
(I don't wanna speak)
I don't want to speak, but you demand it
(got me on my knees)
Im on my knees, coz you command it
Ohh baby I cant get no sleep
Boy you make me weak
Nearly 3am and id do anything to get some rest
Staring at the phone wondering how I got in this mess
Baby how long will it take you to call
I got something to get off my chest
[chorus x2]

(I cant believe you might get your way)
Cant belive you might get your way
Never thought that id see that day
I guess you see that I want you to stay
You see that I want you to stay
Said I want you

Ohh you make me weak
I don't want to speak
Got me on my knees
Baby I cant get no sleep no no
You makin me weak

[Chorus x2]
[Chorus 'till fade]

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