Jah Cure feat. Jah Mason - Run Come Love Me 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2003-3-11
ジャンル: Reggae
スタイル: Dancehall/Lovers Rock
length: 4:13
performer: Jah Mason
yeah mon jah cure and jah mason bless the empress and the princess you know
never the less ever bless you know, divine love you know

run come love me tonight and let jah loving share
run come love me tonight for everyone shall care

verse 1
princess don't hide away from me (no time no day)
stand by my side so near that I can see you
don't let this love slip away so easily
I'll be there for you and you'll be there for me

and i tell them the princess need a royal prince me sing
the queen dem need a royal king, me sung
the princess need the queen dem need 2x
need a royal prince cause they don't want no lazy
no big belly man like him a go have baby
no want no stew them no want no gravy
they link jah mason so dem run with ----- ?
the bobo man them chill with under the shady
this a no if, this a no but, this a one a no maybe
dem no want no weigh scale nor no braidy braidy
ancient rasta face beardy, beardy
so pass me the check and mek them purge out jah see


it's been so long I've been searching for you
still I've been strong cause it's long overdue girl
now that we are together our views are shared forever
it's always love so let it be

dem no want no rasta a go trim
well eat up every day and hardly go pon a gym
and the land more him
sey rastaman want this want this
a belly brim enough to destroy the root of your car
----- --------- conga bonga it haffi long in a turbin and ting
so princess you fe come fe phsycal teaching
Emmanuel order John Marcus living
and remember Queen Omega, our royal king
hotter redder fire we a fling
jah cure just come and come sing

verse 1

them change the princess name and a call them catty
make them a bow down tell them fe toppy
mate a wife a pop fight over hussey
and a complain so dem no live happy
some a dem go bogle some a dem go potty
seh go burger king, come a dance go nyam de patty
and a drive round a seh dem a miss hotty
me beggin'er gwan inna da place a jalopy
me sey stoppy
princess need a royal prince me sing.........
(fade out)

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