Who Sang Dry Land? Jakprogresso

Jakprogresso Demon Rum cover art
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Release Date: 2010-10-1
length: 4:37
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Please put to an end the authors and critics who play God with their pens,
Law enforcement stocks where execution is a sworn end.
The hawk form grows fat with feces and phlegm, the grid systems grow smaller with thorns,
Vine entangled roots wrestle streets turned a rivers flow in mud with unborn,
The pre-disposed youths trained in p****graphic hardcore,
Sickness in bags, sold, riches to rags, the sky remains dawned,
Crimson skyline, mannequin factories make mindless art forms,
Latex engineers push organic robots for morgues,
Those seedlings of the years of four are nurtured from swords,
To discover that the creator of worlds operates from thick rubber cords,
Energy from orgies power light to housing and stores,
Homing crows and robotic storks,
Swarms of insects on cameras where surveillance information is stored.
Parents are modification mongers and w****s,
The government grows us like corn, and womb fields deform,
Big brother's life force derived from the source,
Few wealth beneath Arnetin nutrients in corpses absorbed,
Mummy generation applause, generation is born.
Oxygen outside, survival life of the bubble is radioactive from wars,
Orphanage in an orb, flesh farm infested, water storage, surface is scorched.
Religion is false, Jesus was a horse, black magic in a cult was a sport,
And I'm that crazy kid, sick lately, but started killing animals in 1986
Loved fire, the glow from the blaze made me grin,
And in infant stage, strangely I figured a way out the baby crib.
I was in school vaguely, fourteen I dropped my first hits of acid, six hazy strips.
I feel a lot floated, illuminating an aura of venerable radiance,
At sixteen I was like f*** the system, and found a machine to rage against.
Depression hit hard, I put the blades to wrists,
I hate the pigs, made me put my face to links of a chained fence, then face the shrinks.
Felt like I was face against some ascynclitic.
Early twenties, hatred stick, drugs became the invisible band-aid to limbs.
Being kicked out was basic, I slept in basements and vacant cribs,
Waking up to pains from staircases and breaking ribs.
Had to re-break a stitch to get a hospital stay and 24 hour place to live.
From white planes to BK I skip trains, and dip,
If I couldn't find an aim to fix, I'd replace the pain with chicks,
Who'd been raped and stripped with the same adjacent sick problem,
Brewing up chemical relationships, taking hits,
Sharing needles with a Latian, but how safe was it?
Blood running in my veins would change, intense,
Skin faded, pale white eyes sunk through my face indents.
Run away patient, racing death,
I walk in an empty vessel without faith. Emotion? A waste of breath,
Freebase with threat, that's when the dragon chased me into outer s***e and wept.

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