Who Sang Carried Away? Jamaram

Release information
Release Date: 2010-3-27
Genre: Reggae
length: 4:31

It's good to be so far
So far away
To take a peak behind the fog and step

Step into the light
Break open the night
It'll burn your eyes but it will clear your sight

You might get upset
'bout what you find
But let me tell you brother it's alright

Cause now you can see
What lays behind
Your own facade putting up a fight!!!

Fight fight fight
For your mind
You better
Fight fight fight
For your mind

I got carried away... today
With a child in my arms... oh yeay
Wrapped in a charm
Just carried away, carried away, carried away

The child in you
Will come on out
Look into the sky and wonder all about

About all the places
You sold out
Break through that shell and climb their own route

Upon the face
Of the EARTH
It reflects you and it gives birth

To the child in me
And the child in you
Walk upon the beaches lay inside the surf

Surf surf surf
All around
Oh you gotta
Surf surf surf
And not drown

Oohh.... Oohh....
Oohh.... Oohh....

Now it may shine
And it might snow
Seasons change don't you grow cold

Cause things are fine
When you unwind
Try to grow young while you're growing old

...all around you
We're growing old old old
And we're bound to get

Carried away... some day
With a smile on our face... ooh yeay
For the child in your arms...
Just carried away, carried away, carried away

Take some time to
Look out side you
Don't be shy you
You can shine too

I got carried away... today
In the arms of a child... ooh yeay
Healed by a smile... on it's face
Just carried away, carried away, carried away

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  • Release information
    label: GLM Music
    country(area): Germany
    format: CD
    barcode: 4014063501028
    script: Latin