Who Sang Drained? James LaBrie

James LaBrie Elements of Persuasion cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-3-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock/Progressive Metal
length: 5:11
composer: Matt Guillory, James LaBrie
lyricist: James LaBrie
The air's so thick
It blurs my vision
I can't think straight
In this condition
This dim lit hall
Is stretching further
Not knowing
What I might discover

Through a door half open
A painted light bulb swings
Casting someone's shadow
Reaching towards me

Something draws me here
Not sure
Feeling Drained
Still I am curious
Haunts me
Taunts me
Now I start to Gravitate

Remain composed
I hear some laughter
The darkness in me
Moving faster
A handle turned
A door is opened
Cigarettes still smoking

And there again before me
The painted light bulb swings
And see I cast the shadow
The one I saw moving

Cannot catch my breath
Can't cope
His face turns toward me
Can't be
Not me
The man in the mirror

It's all too clear
As I stood there
Acknowledged him
In reflective glare

I don't quite understand
Why any of this
Is who I am
I'm damned cause I doubt
It's part of me
Trick of the mind
Pschitso you see

It's like awakening
I'm in
Someone else's skin
Molds me
Holds me
Left me Drained and empty

I peer inside
Like quicksand
You pulled me
Down deeper
All twisted inside of me

  • 1 Crucify
  • 2 Alone
  • 3 Freaks
  • 4 Invisible
  • 5 Lost
  • 6 Undecided
  • 7 Smashed
  • 8 Pretender
  • 9 Slightly Out of Reach
  • 10 Oblivious
  • 11 In Too Deep
  • 12 Drained