Who Sang Sunset Man? James Otto

James Otto Sunset Man cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-4-7
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Country Rock
length: 3:31
I used to wake up early every day
Just to feel the sunrise on my face
Me and my woman in the front porch swing
Listenin' to the mornin' mockingbird sing
Well I woke one day to a screen door slam
Found a good-bye note on our nightstand
Next to a coffee cup and a wedding band
Since then I've been a sunset man

When I see the sunrise comin' up
I draw the curtains down
Cause the mornin' brings her memory around
I know it's warm and beautiful and lights up the sky
But these days it only hurts my eyes

I don't show my face to the afternoon
Anything A.M. is just too soon
Cause it reminds how she up and ran
And damned me to be a sunset man


It's hard not to cry but I'll do my best
And just keep this ole chair facin' west
Till she puts that ring back on her hand
I guess I'll always be a sunset man

Well I'll always be a sunset man
Yeah I'll always be a sunset man

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