Who Sang Summertime? Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Peep This cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-7-19
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 4:48


Early in the mornin', around this time of year
I like to sit around the pool and get my chill on, yes I do
Well sippin' on a glass 'o wine, or my favorite kind of beer
When I'm feelin' oh so right, you know that you can't go wrong
a cuz is gonna be summer(summer)...

My summertime is here yes it is hhmmm...
And it's gonna be you and me (baby you and me oohhh)
When was the lasttime (Time) that you made love on the beach baby,
baby (oohhh)

Girl won't you sit down, and let me feel over and round you
let me rub you down, my love, and spread the lotions all around you
like the smooth theme that glows ya hair, I don't care if people stare
All I know is that I'm in love, and wanna spend the summer with you
It's gonna be...(summer)


When was the last time (time) that you made love on the beach baby,
baby, baaaaaaabbbbby,
the rain is gone, I want you right here, I do, yes I do.
Come on baby
I need to know right now, can I spend a little time with you?
Lest the sun don't shine you through the summer. (My baby) Good Lord,


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  • 5 Infatuation
  • 6 Baby Don't Cry
  • 7 Precious
  • 8 Your Love
  • 9 Summertime
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