Who Sang Weekend Lover? Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Intuition cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-12-16
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 4:12

I know you've been waiting on this and I'm a give it to you. you ready?

You and your man had an argument
Y'all always arguing bout something and
On top of that,
Tuesday morning your daughter had you late for work, now you gotta deal with your boss
And then on Wednesday,
Your sister said she ain't goin' babysit
On Thursday,
And this her seventh time faking on you,
But you look forward to Friday,
Cause you know when you get home,
I'm goin' be there

Girl I'm your Weekend Lover,
You don't have to call,
I'll be at your door, when you get home
Cause I'm your Weekend Lover,
Please don't answer the phone
And whatever you got on,
It's coming off girl,
I'll pick you up, Lay you down,
Fridays and Saturdays you need me around
Cause I'm your Weekend Lover,
So go head and sleep in
And I'll make sure you have a good weekend yea

Relax now I'm a run that bubble bath,
You can put your feet up, feet up,
Don't you worry bout a thing,
The babies at your mom's house
Gotta hundred candles and roses
Baby I ain't playing no games.
Sip on this Moet Mimosa, sit down on the sofa,
While I cook you a meal
And when were done, we'll go and have some fun,
In the bedroom,
Cause I know your looking forward to your


I wanna treat you like a queen that you are,
Cause you deserve it girl (You deserve it girl)
I hope you know that to me your a superstar
I'm at your service girl (I'm at your service, wanna be your servant baby),
Let's make off, well go have a getaway
Just close your eyes girl
We don't have to leave your place,
I'll be your comfort (Oh)
You won't need another (No)
Cause I give you everything you need girl I'm your


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