Who Sang British Intelligence? Jamie T

Jamie T Kings & Queens cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-9-4
length: 3:19
British Intelligence there on your back
And they won't catch no one so they won't catch me
Three, four's and right up your back
And you just got sacked now your moneys not free
[? ] and three to the four when your really wired
To much never, enough now your fired.

This is for the cold concrete sold by the feet [? ]
Tax buyer man that I'm yet to meet
Pay an army I'm hardly ready to speak
Memories start in 93
And [? ] came round last week
And told me shes sick and tired of women [? ]

I'm still traveling trains, delayed in the rain on a Monday morning
Watched by surveillance teams
Business men live out their dreams and sleep with secretaries
In stockrooms over flowed with coffee and the [? ]
While were still riding,
Trying to find a place where their not watching
Called her up in the end
To apologize for being so drunk and stubborn.


The 501's a selfish son
Travel down the inner to the sunburn
He's lurking, burning cigarettes on
We'll be on the bar that his lover works in
And and a legal lay in the end
Jessie from the west said marry up quick
Get lost in the system
With a BCG and a finger print scan
Well the [? ]
[? ]
Man I was outside calling a friend
Trying to save claim on the money I lent
While were still riding trying to find a place where their not watching
Called her up again identity cards and camera men.


He said Suzie would you lose me in trouble
He said Suzie let's move on the double
Would we, please get him in trouble
He said could we, would we get him in trouble
So woulda should we better get him in trouble
Three weeks down and now you've burst you're


CD 1
  • 1 368
  • 2 Hocus Pocus
  • 3 Sticks 'n' Stones
  • 4 The Man's Machine
  • 5 Emily's Heart
  • 6 Chaka Demus
  • 7 Spider's Web
  • 8 Castro Dies
  • 9 Earth, Wind & Fire
  • 10 British Intelligence
  • 11 Jilly Armeen