Who Sang One Step Back? Jamie Warren

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length: 3:42

If I could take one step back
I'd be slippin' out the back door
And I'd take one more drive
In my Daddy's old car
And I'd take one last look
Through Mary's bedroom window
If I could take just one step back

Verse 1:

Drivin' down that old dirt road
Feeling of content
Summer sun reminds me of
A childhood put to rest
Drivin' past the river bend
Where Mary first kissed me
Lilacs still grow wild and free
And Bobby lays the blacktop down
And is very seldom home
Lookin' out for three young kids
A fourth one almost grown
Rudy he found Jesus
And he moved out to LA
Mary has a new last name
Repeat chorus

Whistle at the factory
No longer makes a sound
The roller rinks and mini malls
The drive-in's been torn down
The court house is still standing
Even though we must be brave
It's nice to know some things don't change
Repeat Chorus


Life is like that old freight train
Tracks go one way out of town
But if you ride it long enough
It'll bring you back around

Repeat Chorus (2)

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  • 2 Fallen Angel
  • 3 You Can Break My Heart Anytime
  • 4 Watching Her Sleep
  • 5 One Step Back
  • 6 Still Only Me
  • 7 Long Way Up
  • 8 I Never Knew
  • 9 What Goes Around Comes Around
  • 10 The First Time Two Wrongs Ever Made A Right
  • 11 Rainman
  • 12 The Secret

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