Who Sang Whatever It Is, I Just Can’t Stop? Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai Emergency on Planet Earth cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Jason Kay, Toby Smith
Release Date: 1993-6-14
Genre: Electronic Jazz Rock Funk / Soul Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Aboriginal/Acid Jazz/Soul/Funk/Rhythm & Blues
length: 4:08
membranophone: Nick Van Gelder
mixer: Jason Kay and Mike Nielsen
engineer: Mike Nielsen
bass: Stuart Zender
co-producer: Jason Kay and Mike Nielsen
writer: Toby Smith, Jason Kay
If I pick it up I can put it down,
Whatever it is I just can't stop,
For only twenty seconds at a time it's all mine.
I got, too much, pressure,
Got me under it's thumb
And it's no fun, you can lose
Now I got a choice but I can't choose
Insistent as you are, is no guarantee that you'll go far
Rock steady if you can
But I've never been a steady man,
People, want to shoot you down,
If you can't swim then you will drown
In sorrow, can't get any medical attention till tomorrow,

Sadlands, are where I live,
But that's none of your business,
You keep asking, and soon enough
The kids gonna have to get rough,

Maybe I'm a speed king
Push with the foot and I'm smiling,
I can glide on the love inside,
And there was you thinking that my hands were tied
All along I saw you hoping
I would slip and I'm not joking
The evidence in these events
Is still your lack of commonsense
Did you really think that I would sink
Because I like another drink
Have to get up to get down
The remedy is the sound
Absurdity of your suggestion, leaves me asking just one question,
If you're my friend today?
Why do you want to hear me say?

If I pick it up, can I put it down?
Whatever it is, I just can't stop. (repeat)

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