Who Sang Niagra Blues? Jandek

Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi
length: 3:41
Sometimes go to the grave
Crazy about your dream
Crazy about your dark night
You think you’re crippled too
Cripple me a cripple, oh
I think an old black one’s got you now
Think it’s out of sight
Guess a moving picture’s nice
Sitting here I saw it thrice
Ooh, all around you shaking night
You got me in a living fright
Oh, don’t wanna touch it just now
Don’t wanna talk a man now
Just give me a little place here
The night is coming now I fear
Come out in a minute then
Been saying that since don’t know when
I have you forever now

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Niagra Blues
  • 2 Janitor’s Dead
  • 3 Slinky Parade
  • 4 The Living End
  • 5 License to Kill
  • 6 Talk That Talk
  • 7 Start the Band
  • 8 Girl From America
  • 9 Embrace the World Outside
  • 10 In a Hush
  • 11 Take Me Away With You
  • 12 Crazy