Who Sang Slinky Parade? Jandek

Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi
length: 4:31
Bob Dylan and his mother, Dusty Springfield
Came on the road one day
Marched a slinky parade into my eye
Faster picture lit a match
You’re mine forever
Great a bird flew home today
You took him in your wings and said
Little fly on silver dollar
Silver hills and rocket ships
Clean I tied my shoes and ran
Into a forest silver span
A needle dropped in the hay
I pulled a fathom from the sea
Rolled away so fortune free
Punched a finger in the slot
Gimme mine, I’ll take it now
Free to be a Christian ram
Flee past the foggy sand
Oh, free to be a Christian ram
Fleeing past the foggy sand

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 3 Slinky Parade
  • 4 The Living End
  • 5 License to Kill
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  • 7 Start the Band
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  • 9 Embrace the World Outside
  • 10 In a Hush
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