Who Sang Moonwatcher? JBM

JBM Stray Ashes cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-22
length: 4:28
The wind blew down
Through the cracks of the home
And the frozen sides of it creaked
One day I'd of liked to see you come
Stay the night and fill me warm
With your sunlight
I just don't feel right
You sift through the trash
They've thrown in your lap
You're sailing past your feelings
But you can't ignore 'em
They'll again come around
I can see you drowning
In your orders a**igned
In the falling in line
I wish for you not a window to crack
But for all of the sun and ground
For your feeling well
Stay your leave
The way you've turned isn't real
But I see it in your eyes
When you're calm
There's a leap in you
Face the blast
For all that you've been
What do you stand to keep
From running out the field?
There's only one way out
They'll wonder how it feels
When you wander out

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ferry
  • 2 Only Now
  • 3 You Always Keep Around
  • 4 Winter Ghosts
  • 5 Forests
  • 6 Thames
  • 7 Moonwatcher
  • 8 Crooked Branches
  • 9 On Fire on a Tightrope
  • 10 Keeping Up